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About Maternal Circle

At the beginning of  2020 (just before everything went topsy-turvy) a couple of self employed people met for coffee and hatched a beautiful plan.

Being self employed working with women, birthing people and parents, with many different skills, it seemed only logical that together we could offer something special. 

We knew that by coming together in one place and inviting other perinatal professionals to join us we could offer a truly holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and parenthood. One that filled the gaps in standard antenatal education. One person can't know everything but together our range, extensive experience and areas of knowledge are huge.

Our holistic approach means we support the whole body, mind, family and heart, because it all matters.

We support you as a whole.

We have created an ever evolving, open, nurturing and supportive space for people to feel comfortable asking questions, making new friends and giving their journey into parenthood focus. A full circle of support.

Maternal Circle.

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Our Values and Continued Work

We endeavour to be real and honest about pregnancy, birth and parenthood. We will not try to sugar coat life for aesthetic purposes.


We commit to offering an open and non-judgemental space for conversation. Where we can, we will offer appropriate advice, support or signposting to helpful tools and professional services.


We commit to lifelong learning in inclusivity and diversity, so it is reflected in every aspect of what we do. We endeavour to listen and raise the voices of those from marginalised communities.

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