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Meet the Team
(it's ever evolving and growing)


Michelle Weeks she/her
Doula Shell

Doula + Hypnobirthing Practitioner

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Michelle is a founding member of Maternal Circle. She is a Mother of twins and a birth and postnatal doula accredited by Doula UK.

She is also a trained hypnobirthing practitioner, which enhances the support she brings to her clients. Together with her clients they explore the hopes and fears for birth and parenthood, unravelling any complexities along the way, all building towards a positive birth experience.


Michelle supports all births including home water births, inductions and planned caesarean births, in Bath and the surrounding areas.


Michelle's philosophy is to be the calm in the room and to hold space for women and birthing people so they can explore the intricacies of their parenting journeys along with their families.


Clare Young she/her
Seed Nutrition

Nutritional Therapist

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Clare is a founding member of Maternal Circle. She is a CNHC registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (mBANT, mANP), founder of Seed Nutrition, and Mum to an outdoor loving pre-schooler.

She is super passionate about supporting women and birthing people throughout all stages of parenthood: preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

She knows all too well the challenges that parenthood brings and helps tired, worn out folk reclaim their energy and support their mood naturally and holistically by restoring digestive health, balancing hormones and reducing the overwhelm.

Clare also works for York Test Laboratories in the field of adult and child food intolerances and gut health and has helped 100's of clients with their digestive health issues.


Chelsea Rixson she/her
Wildflower Therapies

Yoga + Ayurveda Therapist

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Chelsea is a founding member of Maternal Circle. She has always had a passion and drive to help people and make them feel better. Her first step took her to India to train in Yoga Therapy, where she met an Ayurvedic doctor that opened her mind to a whole new world of knowledge and she took further training with him to train as an Ayurvedic Therapist.

As someone with an endless thirst for knowledge and wanting to balance her Eastern and Western principles, she is in her 3rd year of training to become and Osteopath and has now also trained in Sports and Remedial Massage.

Chelsea combines all of these modalities to bring true benefit to the people she works with.

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Claire Fitzpatrick she/her

Fitz & Physio

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist 

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Claire is a Mother and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist with 15 years of clinical experience. 

Her extensive experience includes treating conditions occurring during pregnancy, postpartum and menopause including prolapse, bladder issues, pelvic pain and tummy gap, having worked for the NHS, Bupa and the APPI, one of the world’s leading Pilates institutions.


Claire’s passionate about helping parents safely get their strength and fitness back after birth so they can enjoy an active life without pain, discomfort or embarrassing symptoms because she believes everyone should be able to appreciate the physical and mental benefits of exercise.


Essentially Claire loves helping new parents feel comfortable and strong in their postpartum bodies.

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Lizzie Longhurst she/her
Top to Toe Treatments

Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Masseuse + Thai Yoga Masseuse

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Lizzie is a Mother and specialises in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage

and Thai Yoga Massage from preconception through to family.

She also runs baby and toddler massage classes and massage for children from

her garden studio in Corsham.


Lizzie finds working and supporting people through fertility to family providing you with a client centred treatment focusing on your individual needs rewarding, and has trained and continues to train in this field.

Lizzie has found using essential oils and complementary therapies through her own pregnancies and with her family so beneficial.

Blending essential oil blends for all of

her clients and sharing ways to use aromatherapy in everyday family life is her true passion.


Kim Shaw she/her
Bath Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga Teacher

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Kim believes yoga should be accessible to everyone, especially during times of great physical and emotional change such as pregnancy. 

A mother of two young girls, Kim found a range of holistic positive effects of yoga during pregnancy.

Humbled by our connection to nature & the elements this is reflected in her classes that encourage patience, surrender & an inward focus.

Kim aims to create a nurturing space for pregnant people to connect to their babies, bodies & each other while the yoga classes remain light & fun.



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Emily King she/her

Diddi Dreamers

Sleep Consultant
+ Norland Nanny

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Emily graduated with a first class honours degree & a distinction in her Norland Diploma, which lead her to becoming a sleep consultant with an OCN level 6 holistic sleep qualification.


She has a gentle approach to sleep and

all of her methods are based on scientific findings. Emily understands how sleep (or the lack of) can impact every member of the family. No matter the issue she believes the most important factor to consider when working with families is love.

Emily will work with parents to ensure their child feels supported and loved every step along the way.


Emily’s goal is to create sleep solutions that nurture relationships whilst giving parents the skills & confidence to make positive changes to their child’s sleep.


Amelia Rolfe she/her
Moovit Fitness

Personal Trainer

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Amelia is a Mother and Personal Trainer with the hope of spreading her love of weight training to the women of Bath in a space that is private and relaxed.


She also shares her with her clients her interest and knowledge in nutrition, and how it compliments fitness and healthy living, with a BSc Food Microbiology & Nutrition.


Areas of fitness training Amelia provides includes pre and post natal, peri and menopause fitness. Amelia believes that any movement of any kind is good for your body & mind, which is why customised fitness for your specific needs is vital and key to working successfully with her clients.


Ali McDowall she/her
Ali McDowall Coaching

Founder of the Positive Planner, Creative Consultant, Coach +

  • Instagram

Ali is a Mother and founder of The Positive Planner. 


Ali's passion for journaling comes through the beautiful planners she has created and in telling of her own experience of how journaling supported her through her own postpartum journey.


As a personal development creative coach & mentor, working with people on a 1:1 basis, Ali's services range from wellbeing coaching to creative consulting, accountability mentoring and anything in between depending on your specific need.

Ali also facilitates creative wellbeing workshops including vision boards. She truly believes in the ways in which creativity can heal our souls and be a vehicle for deep meaningful conversation.


Jenny Minton she/her
Birth Up

Doula + Hypnobirthing Practitioner

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Jenny is a Mother, Hypnobirthing practitioner and Doula.


Devoted to the fact that the way we feel about our babies births matters, Jenny believes feeling supported, held, listened to and understood is vital in our pregnancy, birth and postnatal journeys.


Hypnobirthing was a game changer in her first pregnancy, both her and her partner's mindset totally shifted. Now an experienced teacher herself, Jenny's Hypnobirthing courses are in-depth, rounded birth education helping to stack the odds in your favour. 


Not many people say birth is easy - and sometimes it can be different to how we planned or imagined - but even then, with the right support and a bit of knowledge, Jenny believes it can be a confident, joyful experience that sets us up amazingly for the beautiful chaos that is parenthood!

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Magdalena Watling she/her
Birth Therapies

Midwife, Hypnobirthing Practitioner + Trauma Resolution practitioner

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Magdalena is a midwife, mother, wife and founder of Birth Therapies, specialising in Birth Preparation, Hypnobirthing, helping with fear and anxiety around birth and pregnancy and is one of the first certified Birth Trauma Resolution practitioners in the UK, accredited by the Royal College

of Midwives. 


Magdalena has vast experience working with people around child birth for the last 15 years and through her personal and professional experience has seen a need for unique, personalised support that is successful, fast and effective and truly changes your life and birth experience.

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Sultana Khan she/her
Sultana Khan


  • Instagram

Sultana is a Mother and an experienced Osteopath, specialising in cranial work,

who qualified from the British School of Osteopathy(BSO) in London in 1992.

After 4 years on the intense but rewarding

full time course with over 1000 hours clinical experience she graduated with a BSc. OST. 


Osteopathy has been constantly evolving

for Sultana over the 30 years since she qualified. It continues to provide her with those ‘aha' moments in which she is blown away by what she feels is the sheer genius

of it all.


One of Sultana’s passion is treating babies and children. 


She believes that every patient is an individual and has a unique story that their body is holding. In treatment she likes to try and listen and understand this story and help her patients and their body move to a place of improved health and well-being.

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Emilie Joy Rowell she/her
The Body Doula

Doula, Yoga, Antenatal Teacher + Pelvic Specialist

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Emilie is a doula, mother and pelvic specialist who focuses on taking a whole self and whole life approach to wellbeing.

With over 15 years of experience, her teaching includes elements of simple biomechanics, embodiment and trauma sensitive approaches to help people feel at home in their bodies. She teaches her practical, playful sessions online and in-person through workshops, courses and

1-2-1 coaching. 

She’s passionate about helping people to understand and trust their bodies more. Emilie’s specialism in the pelvis came through her own issues postpartum recovery (even though she had taught squeezes for years!) a fascination with anatomy and a love of dance (she is also a pro hula hooper).

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